About us

Hyrles OÜ was established in 2008 by the Finnish company Hyrles Oy.

Production began in spring 2009, after production facilities were built in Rae Municipality, close to the traffic ring around Tallinn. The area of production facilities is 4300 sq m.

Hyrles OÜ specializes in producing thin sheet metal components. In accordance with our customers’ wishes, we make products at a competitive price and with stable quality.

Close cooperation with customers – from designing the product and choosing suitable materials, up to guaranteeing the delivery schedules – creates a good basis for long-term cooperation with them.

In our production we use contemporary ERP systems, modern technologies and plan continuously to invest in the purchase of new equipment.

The factory works in two shifts, which guarantees rapid and flexible fulfillment of orders. Hyrles OÜ invests in developing its employees’ skills; therefore, we continuously train and develop our staff. We utilize the principles of lean production in our factory.